About Us

About Us

Company name 青岛北绿岛餐饮有限公司
Establishment March 2008
Representative Hirotaka Kawachi
Address 100 ShangHang Road, Shi Nan District, Qingdao
Capital USD 30,000

Hirotaka KawachiCapocuoco

Hello everyone. I am Kawachi Hirotaka of Trattoria Verde.

As Japanese with full love of Italian food I opened this restaurant in Qingdao. I want to be messenger to pass on the original taste of Italian food to the friends here and enjoy the trattoria verde Italian culture together. In trattoria verde, you will not only eat delicious food also they are selected to be most fresh and safe. I often go to selected and purchase the ingredients personally. We don’t allow any faulty suppliers in our supply chains. Everyday we are thanks giving and encouraging ourselves when guests give us comments.

In my cook world, there is without the best, only the better and better. I study and bring forth new ideas on current food and take surprise to you every time when u come with us .

Finally, I am on behalf of all staffs to welcome you to come to trattoria verde to enjoy the real Italian food. In this respect, we will work hard and hard . then, let us meet in trattoria verde. Ciao!


Hi guys, I am Wang Qian. Robbia is my English name,but I prefer to be called Cissy ,just like at my home be kindly treated. You should know the famous movie ”princess cissy” same name with mine . I have been working in TRATTORIA VERDE since 2009, now is manager of TRATTORIA VERDE.I learn many things here, every moment when the familiar Italian song rings,I expected a beautiful day with u ,our precious guests. I am always thinking: today is new day and what kind guests will be in our place to eat delicious food? I will make them satisfied with ourselves. Will they remember me? I will get answer from your smile. Your words and your happiness here, I will act you the TRATTORIA VERDE stories. Please listen to carefully with your heart.


Hi, I am LA. My job is in the Trattoria verde’s kitchen. So you won’t find me when you ear food here, unless you ask who cook it? It is amazing! It is fantastic! Yes, this is what I want to server you.
When we are born and wake up by mom’s smell, we know the real taste is all around us from earth. I have been looking for and persisting in the real taste and cook it in your food. Please enjoy.


Friends, I am Luca, your personal pizza designer and cook. I love every pizza and do it with happy heart. I plane to put more delicious taste and elements in to pizza this year and let you enjoy fantastic food here, You will know we are serving you the real Italy food when you have dinner in Trattoria Verde.


Hi, Helen here! I am a very optimistic and positive girl. I have many hobbies such as music, travel, movies, books, etc. I have been working in VERDE for one year and responsible for baking bread. When I see you step into VERDE, eating the bread bakedby me, I feel really happy. It is fantastic feelings when I find the big smell on your face and give me a thumb up. I expected to take various delicious breads to you and let you enjoy every moment here with us.


Hi,my name is XiuLiWu, come from Heze city, shangdong province. Since 2008 I joined in TrATTORIA VERDE family. I have been working here for 4 years , now I am mainly responsible for dessert. With the boss’s strict requirements and colleagues help, my skill has been improved a lot. In trattoria verdeI learn a lot from boss with conscientious and responsible attitude to do everything. I will do more and better dessert to our cherish guests.